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Thread: i know im gloating but i deserve it!

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    i know im gloating but i deserve it!


    im only 17.. bestbuy just came to town... had my interview today.. they gave me the test for geek squad to see how i did.... A++++++!!!

    i have an interview next wednessday!

    ever since i saw geek squad i wanted a job... and now i might have one...

    this is fantastic

    work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger

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    Congrats! Now comes the hard part: passing the interview. Put your best foot and face forward. Leave negative comments about dumb users at home and you'll fly.
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    I would never work there just cuz of the name.....

    Anyways: Congratulations...
    O.G at A.O

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    Congratulations Mate..

    Remember to do a little research on the company, and don't hesitate to ask question etc, i'm sure you have got what is needed for the job.

    And remember when you get stuck, we are only a post/thread away with help.

    anyhow don't forget to keep us updated on how it goes.

    when you get the job we'll need to do a AO celebration the ol fashion way.


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    Congratulations Hex!
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    That really is a reason to gloat, congratulations!!! Good luck, and make sure your shirt is tucked in, you're wearing a belt, and your hair is out of your face - first impressions count!
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    Congrats hex!

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    Hate to rain on your parade bro... it is quite an acomplishment at the age of 17 but dont get sucked to far into the Best Buy culture. They are opening new stores all over the country but just laid off god only knows how many people who counted on them as a source of income. I should know, I was one of them. I busted my A$$ for them since my store G.O'd. I started off in computers then eventualy moved up to geeksquad when they saw how much more I knew than the people they had chosen to be agents instead of me. Just out of morbid curiosity where do you live? if you dont want to post it here PM me. The original GM from my store just left to open another store and Im wondering if its him. Nickels worh of free advice... get some gel inserts because the rediculous shoes they make you wear hurt like a mother*******.

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    i live in kankakee county illinois
    60914 area code...

    *i dont care if you know where i live, go ahead and try to kill me il go Neo on yo a$$*
    work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger

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    Hey, hex! Good luck! I don't trade with BestBuy and never would, but I don't begrudge someone a job opportunity.

    And, for all y'all, including Zombie, never wear shoes that don't fit correctly. No one can force you to. If you do, you'll end up dealing with foot issues later, like me. I go in for my second Cortizone shot Tuesday, and may end up with surgery. Gel inserts don't necessarily fix the problem. Your shoes need to be the correct length and width. The one-size-fits-all approach of all the mall shoe stores is a disaster in the making.

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