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    Thumbs up YouTube ..

    Well I was browsing around YouTube and ran into these gems ..

    First one is a young asian girl playing Paganini's 24th Caprice . Beautiful playing if you were to ask me ..
    [1] Paginini's 24th Caprice

    Second one is some violinist playing one of Van Halen's great tunes ..
    [2] Eruption

    Third one is some asian guy playing a Guilty Gear tune ..
    [3] Blue Water Blue Sky

    Fourth video is of another asian guy playing drums on a keyboard .. Watch it until the very end ..
    [4] Rock & Roll Rhythm

    If you like Motorhead then you are gonna love this last video ...
    [5] Motorhead -- Ace Of Spades

    Just decided to throw in this last video .. Great guitar playing by this guy ...
    [6] Pachelbel's Canon

    Last but not least here you have virtuoso bass guitar player Victor Wooten ..
    [7] Amazing Grace

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    Number 5 - bwahahaha! That is the only country song I could ever get in to. Those guys were jamming on that, wow. That seriously brought a huge smile to my face.

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    #5 is top, someone on the page made the comment that they has seen them on TOTP over here. I think Chris Moyles used to play some of their covers on the breakfast show if it was them they were really good.

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