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Thread: Getting around a router firewall

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    Getting around a router firewall

    At home, there's a Netgear wireless router. Through the firewall settings, its blocking programs, mainly AOL Instant Messenger. Is there a way I can get around this? Thanks

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    The best way would be to ask mommy or daddy to unblock it for you...
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    Whos going to be the first with that big red pile of neg ?
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    It is his/her first post and an innocent question..............
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    I would suggest checking aol's aim support sight for dealling with firewalls. alternates are using a DMZ ( not recommended unless you know what your doing) or port fowarding the aim ports at the router, assuming you have admin access to the router.

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    I would do nothing. Mom and Dad blocked you for a reason. If they have enough common sense to use the AOL block feature on the router, chances are that they are bright enough to foil your ametuer crime ambitions. LOL.

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    Move home,

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    Question Why the negitive feedback

    Forward port 5190 to your pc assuming you are the only one on the network that uses aim. I dont understand why this information wasnt just given to you in the first place if you dont have access to the router it is pretty much useless. I really dont understand the responses I thought we wanted people to come here to learn. If we dont teach them they will go elsewhere, and probably not to a board with members that have some form of ethics.
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    ZigZag887 I wont neg you on this one, you just need to understand that questions that sound as if you wanna hack into something is bad to ask around here. Do you have access to the router? If so add the AIM port to the port forwarding list and the internal IP of the computer that need access. normally routers dont give you problems with this program. If you are attempting to bypass the router without permission then I would say, it would be to complex for you to understand at this point.

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    lots of folks get routers without knowing how to configure them....if it is mommy/daddy situation im sure it will be password protected so what could hurt. i dont use AIM but there's usually is a preset for things like that.

    drop into a dos box (run >> cmd) then do ipconfig. right chick on your default gateway address and copy (i hate this about xp) then double click on the address and it should highlight. right click to copy to clipboard

    then at the prompt type start http://<right click and paste> hit enter and your routers f/w configuration page will load in your default broeser. if you know the password you will need to give it. if you've never configured it before you'll need to create one. search for incoming connections and map the port given above, check allow and add the address of your computer as the place calls to this port are sent to. save it and you should be set to jam.
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