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    I started using a new extension in firefox called StumbleUpon. It's a pretty neat little add on. You choose the categories and click on the "Stumble" button and a page that falls within the categories you've selected will be displayed. I happened to choose the "computer security" as one of them.

    Anyway, this post is supposed to be about a program I found while using that extension...

    Sandbox IE. It lets you run programs in a "sandbox" so if you do load that unsuspecting pr0n or serialz page you can do it in a sandbox and not infect yourself. (Not that I advocate any such sites... but I do know they have a much higher change of being malicious than say some video on demand site such as youtube.)

    So, for those of you who HAVE to run IE... you may have another layer here.
    (Hey, some people are forced to use IE because of activex apps.)
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    I have it on my lappy...

    It has a few uses.. you can choose what progs are in the sandbox.. Also..I havent tried this on the latest version.. but I had FF running in sandboxie..

    Well you can monitor any program that starts from IE. all settings are held in the sandbox, as well as all downloaded progs.. when you finished you choose to save or destroy the all the data and settings..
    Cool toy .. can be a usefull tool to study malware
    Oh warning.. dont do any updates when sandboxie is running
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    Before I started using Firefox, I used BufferZone for IE,
    Sounds like the same sandbox idea as sandboxie, thought it was worth mentioning.

    P.S. I love stumbler too. great plugin, I also use SiteAdvisor, lets me know which sites are bad before I click.

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    This sounds a pretty good idea for schools and organisations that insist on using IE, I don't think my school would like it though, the concept of making any changes to anything scares our techies.
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