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Thread: [HOW TO] - Remove blink tag from AO old dates

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    [HOW TO] - Remove blink tag from AO old dates

    No I'm not dead =P
    wont bore you with why I aint been around, new job etc etc

    But had a bit of spare time yesterday so here is my gift to you - finally get rid of those bloody blink tags on old post dates

    Full write up and script:

    if its slow to load - sorry am getting hammered atm >.<

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    Considering on the newer versions of Vbulletin software there's an option inbuilt in the admin cp to turn that feature on and off..

    Also they have a modd available for older versions of Vbulletin also. it's one of those auto extract one's too..

    So how's that whole AO wallpaper coming along Val..?

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    Does the blinking really bother you that much? lol
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