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Thread: Online banking web design

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    Online banking web design

    I've been approached by a small credit union to do a website for them. From the brief conversation I had with the manager on the phone, they're looking at setting up online banking capabilities, which is a bit over my head to say the least. But I don't know the full details of what this credit union is looking to do, and I will meet with the manager later this week.

    I've been doing some homework in preparation of our meeting, enough to know there's several standards of authentications, different bill paying systems, and vendors from IBM to Wipro on down handling ass't packages for just such institutions.

    Anybody here have experience setting up an online banking system for someone? What are the applicable regulations for a small credit union in doing this?

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    You'll probably want to read over Regulation P, and maybe check out for a lot more information.


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