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Thread: Which Firewall And Why !!!

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    Senior Member bAgZ's Avatar
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    Jul 2001
    Has anyone used Juniper's netscreen devices. I use quite a lot of them and i am quite happy with what they offer. I am intrested in what do you guys think of these devices.
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    Aug 2006

    Talking I use IPCOPS

    Reason being it has heaps going for it

    *Heaps of addons
    *Bandwidth limiter
    *It's Free
    *Wireless Traffic Control via MAC and IP ADDY
    *Content filtering
    *Snort intrusion detection on all interfaces
    *It's free
    *Eay to setup
    *makes use of old hardware
    *Is also a transparent proxy
    *Veeeeeeery Fast! even on old hardware

    Keeps me happy

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    Sep 2003
    Home = Sonicwall TZ170 Wireless
    Work = WatchGuard x700 Core

    Cisco = Crappy throughput for VPN and Firewall, nice device just not a very big fan of cisco as far as firewall technology goes. Great Routers and Switches, but the PIX 501, 506, 515 are really not all that great, mostly set up as Packet Filtering with limited or no support for Application Layer Proxies. Although they do well for a edge device to drop packets before being filtered by a real firewall.

    Dont mean to stir the pot, just putting in my 2cents
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    Oct 2004
    i think balckIce is more professional
    but it ofen block myself...
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    Oct 2001
    Do any of these Windows firewalls even do anything? Don't half of them either have ad/spy-ware or vulnerabilities that, if left unpatched, probably pose a more significant threat than not even having a firewall in the first place?

    Linux + iptables, or BSD + ipfilter.

    Its the only thing I trust.
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    Senior Member nihil's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
    United Kingdom: Bridlington
    Do any of these Windows firewalls even do anything?
    Yes, they do. I wouldn't try to clean and update a user's box without one. You might want to consider that there is a short term requirement and a long term one depending on the situation?

    I have always found them effective against simple netbot type attacks whilst you are patching the OS and apps.

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    Sep 2006
    Hi all
    I have used iptables in my server side and zonealarm at client side. iptables is cool to configure , so I use this at linux server. But in client side who use windows will be comfort to click and finish the setup so I think zonealarm is cool at this case and I prefer too to use zonealarm coz it is very much easy to setup and configure too.

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    Mar 2004
    I just want to clarify something, Cisco doesnt claim that the Pix is an application layer proxy or even any proxy for that matter. It has the ability to perform cut through proxying but that is about it. I have configured hundreds if not thousands of pixs from 501s to 535 and ASA 5510s to 5550s. I have seen all the vpns as well as any other feature perform exactly as the documentation indicated. I can't begin to recall how many fireboxs I have replaced with Pixs or ISR routers. Sonic wall firewalls are okay for the soho environment , but I have been replacing alot of them as well because the vpn client didnt have per user authentication. Even though I hold many advanced Cisco certs and work for a Gold Partner, I will tell you the best firewall hands down is a Netscreen.

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    Jul 2001
    I use IP Cop
    Because of the Road Warrior Featers (VPN)
    that can be installed. It also has a content filter,
    Squid, and many other features...
    It will work on any old computer you may
    have around and it will work on the real cheep Dell.
    All you need is 2 NIC cards and the ISO
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    Sep 2006
    hey i use zonealarm, whats the best firewall to use?

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