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    Thank you Irongeek. I just joined!

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    I respect so much the work with slackware about in the tutorials section ( This simple man has understanding very good how the slackware kernell, and how the modules can be processed very simple, understable, readable and of the quality of his papers are so a high level systems comprension.

    thanks for all midnights in my 486 reading your papers. I learn some unkow stuff from here.


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    Originally posted here by Clp727
    I live in Shelbyville
    Hrm.. as a simpson's fan I think that means I am supposed to hate you..

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    Irongeek, I definitely give you props for an awesome website and all the hardwork in putting together the tutorials and stuff. You should no doubt, with your knowledge and passion for the industry be able to get a top IT security job. I'm sure the library is fun and stuff, but your holding yourself back if your not sitting in a CSO position now.

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    I'm sure the library is fun and stuff, but your holding yourself back if your not sitting in a CSO position now.
    It's probably the chicks.
    West of House
    You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.
    There is a small mailbox here.

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    Irongeek: I have a BS in Computer Science and a bunch of certs that don't mean **** (CNE 5, CNA 3.1x, CNA 4.11, CNA 5, MCP, MCP+Internet, Network+, A+, I-Net+, Server+, MCSE and MCSE+Internet).
    I like this thread good read. Me personally, I like your last name. Crenshaw <---Theirs a crenshaw in East LA california. Keep it gangsta homie. Crenshaw is K00l as ****!

    PS Keep up the good work at AO and

    A lot of people really like your style and your ****.

    Cheers, CN22

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    Horse, Gore, Htreqz, Roadclosed, er0k, Computernerd22, and irongeek. (forgive any misspellings in your handles)

    Interesting idea here. Taking some of the old timers, and posting an interview. I know this is old, but there are a few active posts so what the hell.

    A lot has changed since I was last active here. Both with the site and me.

    bs safe and stay free

    Sup Neg
    Your heart was talking, not your mind.
    -Tiger Shark

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    Hi How you been?

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