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Thread: Web Security?

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    Web Security?

    Hey all,

    Just pondering. I failed a login attempt today on accident and found that the AO site gives me a wrong password error. Then I figured what the heck, "I wonder if it gives a failed password error?". To my suprise it does.

    Just wondering if anyone has noticed that before? Seeing how AO is a security site to give the "best practice" approach to network security. Anyone see this as a oximoron considering AO (we) are security site that prides ourselves in dong the right

    Please do not take this out of context....just wondering if that can be
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    Hey Hey,

    Let me get this straight.... You think it's a problem that AO tells you you've entered an incorrect password?


    Scenerio 1:
    User Sends: Incorrect password
    User Receives: ERROR: Bad Password

    Scenerio 2:
    User Sends: Incorrect username
    User Receives: ERROR: Bad Username

    Scenerio 3:
    User Sends: Incorrect username or password
    User Receives: ERROR: Login Incorrect

    You feel that Scenerio 3 is the way to go??? I love when I see security policies like this or people that mention this is bad security.

    AO is a public forum.... Anyone can view your username... So if I enter your username and a password... I'm either logged in or it's a bad password... Do you really think that changing the error message provides a level of security greater than already exists? Someone will fail a log in and go oh... it must be the wrong password.. it really doesn't matter what the message says... It's common sense...


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    At least it doesn't say "bad username" when you enter a correct password for an incorrect username

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