Ok yes am still alive (for anyone that wondered) but no am prolly not going to be active on here again, not for a little while anyways. Nothing to do with this place/people am just 'offline' atm until I move home, which I was suppoused to do MONTHS ago - lol

Anyways on to the topic of this thread.

Am sure many of you use del.icio.us - I'm addicted to it (over 1000 bookmarks and increasing daily) as it is a great source of new/interesting links to read.

It now has a network feature where you can subscribe to other peoples bookmarks incase they add something interesting.

Anyways by adding people who have similar interests I think it could be a great way of finding new sites/tutorials/articles on subjects you might like.

So anyways what is everyones del.icio.us usernames? Mine is foobr and you can add me by clicking here

my links are mostly web-dev related (javascript/php/css/DOM/etc)