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Thread: If it's confidential why is it on your website

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    If it's confidential why is it on your website

    seen this before?

    65,100 hits??? geez
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    It would appear they are attempting to see how long it will take before their information is compromised. (and of course some user assistance is probably provided)

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    I think a lot of people use to, and still do rely on security through obscurity... not a good practice at all obviously... they think that since the information isn't referenced through their main page, that people wont find it. Search engines like Google, however, made it a lot easier for people to search specifically for confidential information, and even limit those searches to certain sites. Even though security through obscurity was an idiotic practice to begin with, it is even more ludicrous now. There are countless books that detail how to find information that was never meant to be seen by outsiders... [ie Google Hacking]
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    Or some people put it on there as a generic CYA policy without truly adhering to classification levels.
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    I wonder if anyone has tried to contact these companies and let them know that they have some issues? I might try it just to see what they Might make a good white paper :-)
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    It's just to attract attention, none of it seems to be truly
    confidential to me.

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    Thats humorous, and only a minor glimpse at googles dark side. Personaly that one reminds me of the legal contract people sign their emails with.

    A damn good google whack though, 72,800 when I followed the link.

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    I guess that a lot of this is just "sloppiness". Stuff is embargoed until the OFFICIAL press release. Then it just goes on the general website, but people forget/cannot be bothered to remove the confidentiality notice?

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