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Thread: Large Network Anti-Virus Question

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    Question Large Network Anti-Virus Question

    I was wondering what methods you guys use for anti-virus protection on your larger networks. Do you have anti-virus servers scanning all the files that pass through the network? Does your firewall scan it for you? Client side only? Both?


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    One way is with a volume licence agreement. Install something like norton Corperate addition on all pc's.

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    Hi Henry95:

    Here's what my company does...

    * AV brand #1 on file servers
    * AV brand #1 on desktops
    * AV brand #2 on email servers. AV on email servers use engines from 3 diff vendors
    * Inbound email from Internet is scanned for SPAM and viruses/malware by anti-SPAM server prior to being delivered to email servers
    * Both AVs are managed via centralized console for policy management, signature, and program updates.
    * Desktops/laptops can also get signature updates from Internet if not able to contact central management server
    * We dont do AV scanning at the firewall although it does have some attack detection and blocking features

    Hope this helps you.

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    jeez ric-o now thats protection!

    i use norton corporate for exchange. installs like a plug-in. scans mail for each mailbox and has a client for each server and workstation.

    we got hit with a 0day once 2 years ago and symantec had a fix to us in six hours.

    allot of people complaine about it being a resource hog but the computers today can more than handle it. i think its pretty damme good.
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    We also use Symantec Corp 10. for AV which is a centralized AV Client/server/Admin setup. Works quite well. Not really had much problems. The centralized mgmt is a good feature. We also use Blink from eEye for for desktop ip, malware and zero day.

    We use Watchguard firewalls and most users are allow only job-specific ip access to the interweb..keeps our risk to a minimum.

    We don't use IE or Outlook. We're strictly a FF and TB shop except for a couple of accounting users who need IE for bank sites.
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    We also use Symantec Corp 10.0 and no problems to date. I agree with Zigar about Symantec's centralized management. We have 1 (out of 2 servers) dedicated to being the AV server. Everything is pushed from there (clients installs, updates, etc.) The only thing users can do on their own, is localized scanning of their own machines.
    All clients have real-time scanning locally, the server does as well.
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    Thanks guys, good stuff.

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    McAfee corporate antivirus for all the machines and ePolicy reporting for compliance.

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    Trend Micro Officescan is pretty good too.....

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