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Thread: 5 Years Later - A day to remember, reflect and react.

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    5 Years Later - A day to remember, reflect and react.

    I realize there are multiple areas to find this news, however I wanted to put up a stake here on AO remembering September 11th, 2001:



    BBC Again - Viewpoints:


    FOX News:


    USA Today:

    As people grapple with anger, sadness, frustration, loss and many other feelings today, US Americans should also ask ourselves if we are on the right path to ensure this never happens again? Not only from a security standpoint, but in the ways we deal with our domestic and foreign policies. If we have not seen the progress we have anticipated, then we need to take action NOW. This year we have mid-term elections, as a people, we have the responsibility to participate in our government and take charge so that we can improve our nation and our relationships to the international community. While this is a general ranting statement, and I realize that, there are many issues we need to take on, I am just taking off my town idiot hat and putting on my town cryer hat and am starting to ring the bell.
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    I had to travel the length of my city this afternoon. At many of the intersections there were dudes walking the cross-walks with great big American flags. In fact one very red neck looking fellow waved and smiled. I rolled down my window and said I was going to get a burger and would he like one? I bought him one, exchanged a few words and told him to have a nice day.

    Now if he was running for office I would elect him. My quess is all these dudes were republicans but I could (hope) be wrong.
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    Democrat, republican, independant or otherwise, we got ourselves in this quagmire and there is no turning back. It will take a really, really long time to get back in good graces with the international community.

    The difference is how they plan to go about solving the problem.

    No, I have not seen any progress on the war on terror, because it is like chopping the head off a snake only to have it regenerate again. There is no easy solution to problem, and in the meantime, terrorists are laughing in the process.

    That scares me.
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    It will take a really, really long time to get back in good graces with the international community.
    Well the first mistake there would be to actually give a damn.................the ones whose good graces we are not in, are not worth a damn anyway.

    As for the Taliban, Iraqui insurgents and terrorist fanatics.............we don't want to be in their "good graces"....................we want them dead?

    Terrorism has been around for centuries and will continue to be so. It really has little to do with foreign policy, it is about power, and by their very actions, the terrorists and their supporters admit their inability to obtain power legitimately.

    As for the US, the only thing that they really need to do is sort out the Guantanamo Bay fiasco. That is a bloody embarassment.

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    LMFAO...this is, of course, my OPO, but, we've already won, as far as I know. I thought we had already written the constitution of Iraq granting free untariffable rights to companies to plunder and pillage in the name of oil. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Once again, I know I'm late on the post, but really...
    I like that the op included the other side too, hopefully, showing the other side, I'm too lazy to look, but it's done with...and elections are a joke.

    Seriously...historically, U.S. elections have been a joke, and they continue to be. Rest of the world should quit pointing the finger at the U.S. as being "big shot-fall downs" and realize we've been used as much, or more, than any other populace.

    We're not just stupid....we're stupid AND misdirected!!!
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