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Thread: Certification in Web Designing

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    Post Certification in Web Designing

    Hi All,

    Just an advice needed...

    Do any of you know if there are any certification for Web Designing, or for Web Designing languages?

    Do let me know.

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    best certification you can have is a good protfolio

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    Your query requires a bottom-up approach, rather than the top-down path you're are taking.

    Start off with your local newspapers, local education providers, and select a course which is offering you training in latest web technologies and maybe a intro of upcoming technologies.

    Our certification standards of private education providers (as far as web designing is concerned) may not match to those which are considered as de-facto standards in other countries (in case you are planning to move out of the country!)

    Always visit the training centre before you choose and proceed with formalities. NIIT and Aptech should be good options. Both have more or less maintained their standards (especially in metros, where you may get good a good trainer). Please do not hesistate to get a first hand info from existing students. I've seen centres emparting computer education as well as fashion

    Other folks here should be able to help you with the various web designing standards and certifications endorsed in their respective countries.

    All the Best.
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    You might be looking for CIW ... or close to what you are looking for
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    I know that there are Certs out there for web design (not off the top of my head tho). But you really don't need those. Learn as much about web design as possible and create really interactive websites. An employer would be more impressed at seeing a cool, fully functional site you made than seeing a piece of paper saying that you have a cert in web design.
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