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Thread: Which is the best linux os

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    Post Which is the best linux os

    well guys i am presently using the red hat ver 10.0.But I've heard that SUSE is the best.I mean really should I change to it or not.All I want is programming tools The more the merrier.

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    If you want to stick to a rpm based distribution, I would suggest Fedora
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    Gentoo.... Nah, not if you're wanting to just install and go. I've had good experience with SuSE and I've heard Fedora is good, but I've never used it.

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    The one you have worked with and learned to administer
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    Originally posted here by Cope57
    If you want to stick to a rpm based distribution, I would suggest Fedora
    RPM Based Distribution.... RedHat, Fedora, CentOS, SuSE... even non-rpm based distros like Debian and Ubuntu can have RPMs built on them...

    SuSE is the best of the RPM Based as far as user friendliness.... I've never been a big Fedora fan... primarily because of the look and feel...

    It really doesn't matter though... the question is what do you like...

    I like SuSE because it's one of the more "commercial" distributions... It has decent support... and none of my hardware (TV Tuners, 5.1 sound card, anything) has had support problems or driver problems.. If you like the creature comforts of Windows built into Linux then I think SuSE is the way to go...

    Now that being said I'm also a hardcore Ubuntu user (it's on 2 machines vs SuSE on only one)... I love the apt system (also available for SuSE)... and I like the simplicity...

    So yes... I'm contradictory.. I like SuSE because it's bloated and Ubuntu because it's simple...

    regardless.. use what you are comfortable with...

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    i'm just biased so i'm gonna say Debian is the way to go.

    but then again i've had a lot more time using Debian then other distro's.

    Suse is a pretty good choice of Distro to use also.

    A lot of people also seem to like Ubuntu, i've used it a few times and just never took to it for some odd reason.

    i guess you just gotta experiment and then choose the one that you felt more comfortable using etc.

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    Fedora and Ubuntu are the 2 I hear of the most now.

    Ubuntu seems aimed at users who just want to install and run it, Fedora is more suited to tinkering.

    SUSE gets good write ups too.

    Debian is very stable but I found it hard work to install (a while who so a newer version might be better) and not suited to nix noobs.

    If your happy with RH then Fedora would probably be the easiest thing to move to.

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    if you want to be able to do everything you can do on windows system w/out hassle use Ubuntu

    apt+synaptic are gods of package management

    later when you L.E.A.R.N you can switch to Debian and later to Slack

    PS(Next poor soul asks "which distro is best" i'm recommending netBSD installed on Sega Dreamcast
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    My first ever sucsessful install was slack on a laptop. But if you are comfortable with redhat/fedora maybe experiment with other distros but stick to what you feel the most comfortable with.

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    Didn't I make a sticky for this?

    Anyway, SUSE, Slackware, Libranet. The rest are trends.

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