Here is the situation I am in, a customer has brought a PC in as he is having difficulties setting up his ADSL router. It turns out that he thought he could just to plug it in and it would work. We have his PC and router in but don't have the password for his ADSL account as it is saved in windows, but the customer can't remember it. Without going to the hassle of calling his ISP does anyone know of any utilities to retrieve the password, I am dubious about googling this as there tends to be too many malicious programs out there in this area of research. The password is saved under the standard Windows XP dialup connection thingy, I managed to restore the password from the POP account in outlook, but it appears to differ from his connection. Any help would be appreciated.



PS Please don't flame me for this question, I have a genuine reason for this and have a good history with AO, thus knowing how people have been given negatives to the point of a ban for similiar questions