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Thread: ADSL Password Question?

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    ADSL Password Question?

    Here is the situation I am in, a customer has brought a PC in as he is having difficulties setting up his ADSL router. It turns out that he thought he could just to plug it in and it would work. We have his PC and router in but don't have the password for his ADSL account as it is saved in windows, but the customer can't remember it. Without going to the hassle of calling his ISP does anyone know of any utilities to retrieve the password, I am dubious about googling this as there tends to be too many malicious programs out there in this area of research. The password is saved under the standard Windows XP dialup connection thingy, I managed to restore the password from the POP account in outlook, but it appears to differ from his connection. Any help would be appreciated.



    PS Please don't flame me for this question, I have a genuine reason for this and have a good history with AO, thus knowing how people have been given negatives to the point of a ban for similiar questions
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    Why is it soooooooo hard to call the ISP....

    cause that is about your only option.

    Depending on the ISP

    the username will vary



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    Well if he has to call the ISP then so be it, but we said we may be able to recover it to save him the hassle. I already have the username as it is shown in the dialup box, but just require the password. I am sure it can be done easily if someone knows how/what to use
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    Basicaly you are making more work for yourself. By the time you find the right tool and download a copy of it and all of that good stuff you could have given your customers computer back to them. As someone who has spent a very long time in customer service I can tell you most customers would rather make the 5 to 10 minute phone call then have you screwing around for a few hours trying to crack the password. Customers want their systems back in as timely a manner as possible. Im not sure if it will work in your case but there is a program that can be found with a simple google search for password revealers.

    There is one question that bears asking here. Why did the person not just have the ISP help with the setup? It just makes more sense to me. Most ISPs will supply an instalation disk that will take care of all of the configuration.

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    Try the username.............. the password may well be first and second name delimited by a period "." all in lowercase

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    I was hoping for a simple answer that would save me time for the future, as I have done this before with windows 98, but I have done it now, I found a trial program that gave me the first and last letter, which was enough info for us to know the password. Thanks for your help guys.
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    If the password shows up as all stars, there are plenty of programs that will give you the pw.

    I like to use Cain and Abel for stuff like that.
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    Without going to the hassle of calling his ISP does anyone know of any utilities to retrieve the password
    If the customer called 'his ISP' and said 'Hi I forget my password to get online, can you please assist me with it? The rep will then ask the customer for verification purposes either last 4 digits of ssn, or a phrase or an answer to a question that 'he' setup service with his provider.

    I use an acronym for an issue like this K.I.S.S that is, (Keep It Simple Stupid) Why go through all the time and hassle of 'trying to CRACK and reveal the astericks, when you can pick up the phone and call the provider? Unless, you don't have the 'proper' authorization for dudes ISP account.

    I use to work for Bellsouth in 2002-2005 for the dial up and adsl project you wouldnt belive how many people forgot their passwords, they come a dime a dozen.

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    I am guessing you got impatient with the submit button:-P I had tried using cain and abel, which is where I got the POP account password from, but since XP didn't give me the asterisks, just the "[Click here to save changed Password]" crap it wasn't of much use. Interestingly when I googled for cain I recieved the following warning saying that it is malicious software, how long have google been doing this? Although I am starting to drift off-topic now
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