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Thread: Combo Drive Troubleshoot

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    Combo Drive Troubleshoot

    Hi Guys,

    I've been facing some problems with my CD-ROM, RAM and DVD-ROM or otherwise known as the Combo drive. My model is of Samsung.

    The problem is that is not detecting the DVDs, which i've seen running on others PC. The CDs are playing well.

    I've discovered the some of the connections are left blank. Those which are to the left of the ATA cables are perhaps for jumpers, but i dont need jumpers because i don't have any other CD drive.
    Further left to it after a separator is also one socket, its also blank. But i don't have any idea what it does or its relevance to my problem.

    Please guide me what to do.

    Thanks and Regards

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    Hi Princey

    1. What is the model number of your Samsung drive (then I can look up the diagrams and specifications)

    2. Has it ever recognised DVDs...............and I mean different types like movies, music and data (software)?

    3. What message does it give you?...........something like "insert media in drive F" or does it just sit there?

    4. Have you tried inserting a DVD and opening your DVD player and trying to open the disk manually.............sometimes the autostart function fails

    5. What type of DVD media does it support. This would be DVD+, DVD-, DVD RAM and does it handle dual layer and double layer.

    6. What DVD software have you installed?


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    The other connectors you see are probably irrelevant
    to your problem. One area is for jumpers, already set
    and not needing to be changed. The other is for a small
    wire to the sound card, and it is optional.

    I've had dvd drives stop recognizing dvds. Don't know why.
    You could try one of those cleaning disks, or compressed air
    to clean it. Most likely no hope. Get another drive.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    The model No. is SH-M522C

    It used to detect and Play all available video and game DVDs till few months back but suddenly stop playing them now. Just the CDs get played now.

    Nothing appears...... no messages........just blank..... if i open explorer nothing is there.

    I've tried inserting a DVD and opening and trying to open the disk manually.... but it didn't worked.

    It is meant to handle DVD ROM only & not DVD RAM

    I'm using Nero 6 bundled with it.. but it seems to be immaterial in terms of DVD handling

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