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Thread: Regular Expression Problem - PHP

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    Regular Expression Problem - PHP

    Ok am at my wits end with this one. No luck on google either and feels like am beating my head against a brick wall.

    The problem: I have a string containing some HTML source. Within this source there is various links to different locations.

    I need to get all the links and append a set of variables to them using a regular expression.

    But i need to ensure that the URLs remain properly formed


    <a href="">Some Site!</a>
    Becomes - <a href="">Some Site!</a>

    <a href="" title="A link" class="myLinks">Some Site!</a>
    Becomes - <a href="" title="A link" class="myLinks">Some Site!</a>

    So basically I need to ensure that all other information remains untouched

    any help to save me form going nuts would be appriciated



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    Heh, you have my sympathies...matching or s/replacing url's can be very very tricky b/c web masters are often sloppy and certainly not consistent...

    For example:

    Those are all the same...and I am sure there are tons of other you have any control over what is being searched/replaced or do you have to take all the millions of little variations into account?

    EDIT: Somewhere in addicts I posted a script that would parse through and break down might look for it (it was perl) and on another site that I think you know what I mean I have an updated ruby version...
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