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Thread: What Not To Do With Your Data

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    What Not To Do With Your Data

    I thought this link from Slashdot headlines was funny

    A data recovery company has revealed the dumbest data disasters it's confronted this year including rotting bananas, smelly socks and a university professor's foolhardy application of WD-40

    A couple of excerpts:

    One customer left a banana on top of his hard drive, which then rotted and seeped through into the device. The circuits were ruined and the drive failed to work.

    The banana was also ruined.
    Another customer, failing to read the warning signs, managed to reformat his hard drive not once, not twice, but ten times before he realised there was some valuable information he needed.
    And a university professor appeared not-so-clever when he heard a squeaking noise from the drive of his new desktop and decided to open the case and spray in some WD-40. Although successful in stopping the drive from squeaking, this was largely because he had also stopped the drive from working.
    Read the whole article here:,3902...39164095,00.htm
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    All I can say is "Praise the Lord for those who keep us in beer vouchers"

    Nice find Moira

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