SBC called the other day to 'sell' me something, and being that it was a saturday morning, and I was doing nothing but having coffee and watching the birds at the feeder, I decided to listen instead of giving them the "i'm too busy" routine.

They offered the new high speed 3mbs dsl connection for $24.95 a month. And would upgrade me from my 700k connection that I was paying $35 a month for and throw in a wireless router for only $45..
I accepted the offer...

Well, I installed the new 2wire 2701HG-b and everything setup fine except for my remote desktop connection from home to work....

I use Ipsec over cisco vpn to connect to the network (which does connect), but when I try to open Remote desktop to my computer, (xp pro on both ends) I get the "computer not accepting connections" error....

I switched everything back to my regulard DSL modem and things work ok.
So, I know it has to be something to do with the router.

I did go into the firewall in the router and enable port forwarding for the vpn ports, but that didnt work..
I also tried DMZ mode, and it wouldnt let my vpn connection connect.
I made sure the defalut ports for remote desktop were added.

As far as the other end, we're using a pix 515E firewall with vpn set to group authentication. Everything is default.

I have read other users on the web requesting help with the same issue, but everyone reccomends setting up port forwarding for port 3389. But that doesnt seem to help my situation.

I also ran across an article on how to edit the regsitry entryHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\TerminalServer\WinStations\RDP-Tcp\PortNumber
to change the setting to decimal and then add the remote desktop listening port, but I didn't think this would help, so I didnt attempt it...

Can anyone make a reccomendation?