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Thread: Network Diagram software

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    Network Diagram software

    Hey guys just spent 2hrs looking for a suitable software to draw nice network diagrams with a function of animating the process and possibility of adding additional devices (e.g pictures) of e.g wireless data transfear from A to B....

    need it for my final year project

    pls post here if you have anything in mind!

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    Microsoft Visio...I use it all the time.

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    I also use Microsoft Visio. Can't get much better than that.
    However, there are some other open source apps that I have played around with that will work. Hope you don't mind using a couple apps and peice them together though...


    Also, check out Dia

    or diacanvas.

    Open office will let you do something simple like an org chart...
    Depends on what you really need.

    If you have the $, get visio.
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    ive tried a couple Packet Tracer from cisco
    and net notepad neither of these is what i am after

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    I routinely use Visio at work, although I despise it...
    My personal favorite is LanFlow (EdgeDiagramer) from PaceStar (

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    gonna to try those tmorrow

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