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Thread: does wap have future?

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    Question does wap have future?

    i have an idea to develop some wml freeware in my mind(forum,gallerie,etc...), but iam afraid this technology isnt actual today. i stoped to use wap-sites when i install opera-mini in my cellular, because web-sites is more beauty and suitable than wap.
    what do you think? will java-applications like opera-mini kill wml-sites or wap stay alive 4ever ?

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    Forgive me for my rant here, this has nothing to do with you, and nothing ( but everything ) to do with your question:

    Your English is not the most intelligible. I can not determine if it is your English or your question that is FUBARed.

    Since this site's ‘upgrades' the profile is limited, and not knowing where you are from ( an English speaking country or not ) is extremely frustrating.

    If you are originally from a non-english speaking country, that is usually taken into consideration when both reading the question and trying to compose a response: but now that ability has apparently been taken away.
    That makes it extremely difficult for those wanting to answer.
    </RANT> ( for now )

    As for an answer, as I understand the question:

    Too many letters here, but ......

    By wap-sites I am assuming you mean ‘mobile internet sites'.
    By WML I am assuming you mean ‘Wireless Markup Language'.

    Whatever floats your boat dude!

    Step back a little.
    My perspective is not the same as yours. I come from old, (old, OLD ) school. I do not use the internet on my phone. I do not listen to music on my phone ( though Billy Boy may want me to, probably to usurp the dominance of the iPod .)
    I believe that an appliance has a function, it should perform that function well, and that is what I purchase an appliance for. I do not want my refrigerator opening my e-mail for me when I take out the orange juice in the morning. I also do not believe that we need to be entertained by everything we purchase, every minute of the day; that is plain self-centered, self-indulgent, selfishness. This atmosphere is fueled by the lazy and by those who want to find another way to make money off of the consumer.


    Now a little more on track.

    If you are asking if we believe that WAM will remain for any length of time, my personal answer is no. Technology is changing so rapidly ( by consumer demand ) with regards to access speeds and bandwidth, as well as reliability for connections of such devices, that WAM ( and its proprietary chopped-up java-whatever ) and the original reasons for marketing WAM will be overcome shortly. Its user base, although it may be large in numbers, is ( IMHO ) small in comparison with the number of users of the devices it targets. ( Unlike when HTML was trying to standardize. )

    But! It is here now, and if you want to have something available here and now ( with its limits ) then by all means, do it. Just remember, it is not a true replacement for HTML or XHTML . You may find yourself redoing it six months to a year-and-a-half down the road. ( Depending on the service area you target for the device.)

    Did I come close to answering your question?
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    " And maddest of all, to see life as it is and not as it should be" --Miguel Cervantes

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    Top left, just below the member name?

    "Rostov on Don"........................Russia

    Rostov is a very old city, but you would have to study European history to know that.

    The "Don" bit is the River Don................... I cannot remember the exact status, but it is one of the longest in Europe and would rank alongside the Rhine and the Danube?

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    OK, somebody is F*ing with me!

    I know the flag is not there anymore, but I swear I looked, both here and in the profile and did not see anywhere where it stated where he/she was from.

    Well anyway, no one else has an opinion on this 3+ yr old proprietary technology?
    " And maddest of all, to see life as it is and not as it should be" --Miguel Cervantes

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