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Thread: Hi :P

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    Hi :P

    I'm an 18 year old student who's just started CS degree a couple of months ago

    I've had a general interest about computing since I was like 5, and I've been learning on and off as much as I can. I've tilted towards the security side of computing, I guess its the fascination with how the dark-side seems to always undermine new technologies and how they do it from a logical point of view.

    I'm a programmer of few languages (pascal/delphi, C/C++, C# and a lil bit of x86 asm) which has all been on windows, I am currently deciding whether I should try to install either backtrack or nubuntu (I hear theres an update tonight) and learn to program on linux

    my knowledge of operating systems is basic I have very little linux experience (which hope to change). I know basically face value of how windows works and not much of the wheels and cogs underneath.

    I think that about ends my virtual-life story

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    Welcome to AO. Browser and learn to your heart's content and don't be afraid to ask. We don't bite (for the most part) and those that do, have had their rabies shots (I think).
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    Welcome to the asylum!!

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    Hello from the other side of the Pond old chap!

    The beer is in the refrigeration device............

    No, I lie, it is in Joe and I's guts

    We do have a sense of humor, but we know when to be serious?


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    You are welcome in AO Ö its right that I donít post too much but for sure when I ask anything I will get the right answer and a lot of help so enjoy posting, reading and learning cause I think that googleing , AO is a great way to learn.
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