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Thread: New Windows tool - NBTEnum 3.3

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    New Windows tool - NBTEnum 3.3

    Tool location:



    NetBIOS Enumeration Utility (NBTEnum) version 3.3 is a utility for
    Windows that can be used to enumerate NetBIOS information from one
    host or a range of hosts. The enumerated information includes the
    network transports, NetBIOS name, account lockout threshold, logged on
    users, local groups and users, global groups and users, and shares. If
    run under the context of a valid user account additional information
    is enumerated including operating system information, services,
    installed programs, Auto Admin Logon information and encrypted
    WinVNC/RealVNC passwords. This utility will also perform password
    checking with the use of a dictionary file. Runs on Windows NT
    4.0/2000/XP/2003. PERL source included.


    Bug fixes. Completely rewritten RestrictAnonymous bypass routine.
    Included source code for educational purposes.


    Tool homepage:

    Written by the current and original author, Reed Arvin <>. (deprecated) (deprecated) (current and final)

    Thank you,

    Reed Arvin <>

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    Reed Arvin

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