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    Hi all, as typing my username in the search bar to get my old post I came across one or maybe more but I noticed a post I did not make, sounds crazy but can anyone help? it says this Anyone know how to install the client with norton running, always says your infected, I want to test trojans on my two cpus being they are networked everytime i try; Norton says your infected and have to reformat, any help is greatly appreciated, thnx,, posibly I would post this drunk but I don't remember posting anything like this so sorry if I did and anyone is offended. I would never post anything about test trojans so I know I didn't post anything like this, and exspecialy norton, a resource hog in my favor lol, but anyways, how could a post come out like this, sorry wasnt sure where to post this

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    1. The best method of looking at old posts is to go to the menu bar and click on Quick Links. Take the option to view your profile and then chose from threads started or all posts.

    2. Can you really remember what you posted 3.5 years ago?

    Even if it were a bug, it would be irrelevant, as we have just updated the site management software (vBulletin) and disposed of all the hacks and customisations that were in the version we were using previously.

    I would guess that you probably asked the question on behalf of somebody else, which would explain why you cannot remember it now.................the answer was not relevant to you personally?

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