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Thread: PS3 or Xbox360

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    Post PS3 or Xbox360


    Im looking into purchacing one of the video games consoles and i have narrowed down the choice to probably 2 of the obvious.
    360 or PS3

    Not too much of a console gamer myself was wondering which one is better. I been hearing each do have a lot power when your looking at the processor and things but i been hearing the processors are stripped down versions of say pc chips.
    Im looking for probably which one after they get the kinks out of the system which system would provide the ultimate "new gen cam console experience".

    PPU chips and

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    I doubt either one's better than the other, but I wouldn't blow $600+ on a PS3 when the 360 is plenty enough as it is. I recently bought a 360, and I'm happy as can be with it.

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    The PS3 definitely does NOT have a stripped down version of a PC chip! It has a chip based around a VERY interesting multicore paradigm and since PS3 games are written from scratch to take advantage of the architecture, it is IMHO, superior to any PC (no matter how many cores it has), since a PS3 will accomplish a heck of a lot more with the hardware that it has than an equivalent PC (at least until PCs start seeing multithreaded games).
    As for which console to buy, I'd suggest going with what games you want to play. Both are pretty awesome technically, though the PS3 has the edge there. Also, you better make sure you've got an HD TV, because you won't see a single benefit of getting a "next-gen" console otherwise.

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    From what i hear the 360 is better...also i read somewhere that the graphics company that worked with sony for the PS3 said that they will never work with them again, not sure why. I on the otherhand am going to buy the Wii.
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    I read a lot of reviews online, all of them say 360 is better, im not saying that PS3 doesnt have some advantages but i'd go for the 360 myself as im buying one too for christmas.
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    I want a wii, I have read over 20 different reviews of all I have looked a break downs of all system parts for each box and I find that as sony swore the ps3 would be outrageously better than it is. The ps3's cpu only hits 800 mhz something neither of the other two systems do, but at the same time not worth selling your children for.

    Another downside of the ps3 is all it's punching power isn't being taken advantage of at the moment most games that are out on it look nice and all but hardly use all of the systems ability even sony said that it will be a while until games can do that.

    Now for wii, I want this system just like everyone else. Nintendo hit a gold mind with actually letting you be part of the game. Holding the wii remote and shooting or fishing maybe you like boxing. This thing is heaven.

    Here's a bit of interesting news. Wii's are being ebayed for as much as ps3 are funny, when it's only half the price.

    Both are rather hard to find but finding a ps3 is damn near impossible unless you have one already are have it in waiting.

    So you are pretty much stuck with the 360. Though not a bad system and definitely on my list of things to get at some point just doesn't pack the break out, knock me out abilities the ps3 and wii does.

    It will be interesting to see how long until sony and microsoft copy nintendo's remote idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natasha69

    Not too much of a console gamer myself
    I guess you sumed up here nicely that you don't realy need a big console

    In my personal opinion you'll be better of getting a nintendo one. They'll have most of the other consoles games, plus the ones made specialy for Wii from the ground up.

    The advantages are the price and the interface

    I thing Nintendo got this one right for a change
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    1.Real gamers play on a PC!!
    2. Whoever thinks a PS3> PC...they've lost their minds.

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    The ps3's cpu only hits 800 mhz
    I don't have any idea where you got that statistic from - AFAIK both XBox360 and PS3 are clocked at 3.2GHz. Also, clock speed isn't generally a good way to measure performance - it generally doesn't tell you a lot (except how hot your computer/console is gonna get :P).


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