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Thread: I'm Engaged

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    Congrats Tyler... Whats the lucky young boys name?

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    Tyler of course........................ hmmmmph!

    And a Happy New Year to you both mate!

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    Congrats dude out for the In Laws ... they tend to bite ! ... jus kidding ;-)

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    HT, about the sparkling wine Champagne debate... there is none. It's right there on the bottle.

    As for marriage... it's cool. My new wife, ex girlfirend is actually nicer to me now. Although marriage status does make me feel a little "dirtier" when enjoying the sight of a nice... um ..ass.

    What else are you going to call it? Buttox? Buttox in tight jeans? Sounds so civilized. In my head I say.. damn that is a nice tight ass.

    Just don't let that out. Turn with your eyes, not your head.

    And congratulations. It's a nice feeling.
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    sorry i saw this so late. im happy for you may your lives together be blessed
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    Remember: you arent just marrying the person in question; you are marrying the whole family.

    But well done... and goodluck.
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    can we see the picture of your lucky ones... if you dont mind

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    Thanks all and I'm working on the picture thing still

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    logged in after so many days... and this was first post that caught my attention

    Congratulations and wishes for future life .....
    It\'s all about sense of power.

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