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Thread: Best threads?

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    Post Best threads?

    Hi! I signed up 4 the 1st time this week.

    Apologies for being lazy, but I was hoping you could show me any particularly relevant threads that I should check out first, so I can get involved here?

    Thank you, Mike Gladstone

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    Relevant to what?

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    First moves:

    1. On the right hand side of the main page: go into "forums" and look at the ones on subjects that interest you. Please read the threads marked as "Sticky" as they will give you some guidance as to how to use, and get the best out of the forums.

    2. Please pay attention to the date of threads, and the last posting to them. If something is several weeks old since the last post it may well have been resolved.

    Welcome to AO

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    Nihil - pretty much said everything. Another thing you might want to check out are the tutorials - very informative. You can learn alot here.

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