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Thread: Hilary Clinton - First Female President?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPnyc
    No, not for me, it wouldn't. The damage hilary will do will be here at home.
    PLease elaborate on WHAT damage should could do. I am very interested in hearing this...
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    Good Morning,

    We are in the midst of many seriously important international problems (regardless of whether we should be or not is immaterial) that will require the president's attention. However, she will attempt to focus more on the touchy - feel me things back home while those concerns are left unabated. So the very first thing she will to do is to raise taxes to fund her interests. Following on to that, she does not believe Americans can think for themselves (in some case that might hold some merit . Thus most decisions should be made by the government. Woman & Child welfare and the like, education, etc...

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    I like JPnyc s signature

    Announcing the 1st bi-partisan bumper sticker, "Run, Hilary! Run!" - Dems can put it on their rear bumper, Republicans on the front.
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    Actually Relyt covered it pretty well. She's not the right pres. for this time, if there is any right time for such as she.

    Oh, and thanks MLF, . It cracked me up too.

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