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Thread: Oh for goodness sake !!

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    I'll procure Vista later on down the road. I don't need it right now. XP and SuSE are completely fulfilling all our needs and all my boxes are stable and screaming along. When the need arises, I'll make the switch....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cider
    True ... but now what does someone like myself do? Go buy a new router or modem just to get the driver. That is waste of money IMO ... tight jam.

    Marketing scam i tell you
    Remember, you are not "just getting a driver" you are getting kit that will work. It isn't just modems and routers, it's video cards, sound cards, extra memory and possibly peripherals like scanners and printers.

    That is one reason why several people I know will not upgrade to Vista until they get a new machine

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    I don't want to sound like a "luddite" but if your computer is doing everything you want it to, why would you even consider upgrading?

    If you haven't seen an OMG killer app that only runs on Vista, why would you need Vista?

    I very seldom upgrade OS's unless there's an app that I need that forces me to. I'm not a graphically oriented person so I don't need to see all of the "eye candy" that I usually turn off.

    On my home network I run 3 XP sp2 boxes and 2 Win2000 laptops. I run OpenOffice as my office suite. Now that Vista is out, support will die out for 2000, so be it. I can manually change DST without Microsofts help.

    In 2 to 3 years, I'm sure the apps that absolutely need Vista will start rolling out or the support for the older OS's will run out and I'll have to do something. By then the drivers and service packs for Vista will be out.

    If you dance on the bleeding edge, you're going to bleed someday.

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    Well fourdc vista is very nice eye candy imo. That 3d view of windows open just caught my eye.

    IM studying my MCSE 2003 next week and are already going to bring out a MCSE vista upgrade so i suppose I will have to get into it...
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    Hee! Hee! "looks nice" and "plays nice" are frequently very different.

    Like dddc, I generally don't upgrade OSes. You really need to do your homework with Vista,

    1. Video Card
    2. Sound Card
    3. DVD Drive
    4. RAM
    5. Modem

    By the time you have added that together, bought a retail OS and made allowance for selling your existing equipment, you probably have close to the price of a new machine anyway.

    And I agree that most applications will function quite adequately on older equipment. It is in the software vendors' best interests to ensure that this is the case.

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