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Thread: What a joke ...

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    What a joke ...

    The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.
    Albert Einstein

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cider
    That seems valid to me. My parents use to limit me to 1hr of video games each day on a "school night". That was after they verified my homework and chores were done. It was a reward. On the weekend, they would let me play as long as it didn't interrupt with others entertainment (tv/movies). That wasn't such a big deal as we all loved playing outside rather than sitting inside. Nothing like a game of pickup hockey, baseball or etc.

    I was not allowed to move the console into my bedroom because other people liked to play it. If two or more people wanted to watch tv or a movie, I got kicked off the console.

    It was like that until I was about 17 or 18. At that point, they couldn't limit me because I had been working long enough to purchase my own tv and console. I just played in my bedroom instead of the family room. Around that time, I wasn't too into video games... I had way too much going on with girls and friends to want to stay home.

    I got addicted to games so easily and it would be a priority for me. The only reason I would do my homework and chores was so I could play video games.

    Now, I still try to limit myself to 1-2hr sessions on the week nights. On the weekends, I don't feel bad playing for 3-4 hours as long as there isn't much else that needs to be done. Once I get into a game, it's hard to get me off.
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    Heh, the last time I played an x-box was 3 nights ago, when me and a few friends got together at my brother-in-law's (brother's-in-law?) house and played halo against each other. 6 hours. The time I played an x-box before that was a couple months ago. So I guess it's all good.

    Btw, the plasma grenades stick to you, and your character doesn't have the wits to pluck it off and throw it away.

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    Yep, that is quite right IMO. When you are in your formative years you are at your most receptive and find it easiest to learn.

    You are also being supported by your family.

    I wouldn't wan't my children going on into junior and senior high, socially and educationally disadvantaged because they knew nothing about computers............ only how to toggle the fire switch on an X-box console.

    One you have gotten the important things under your belt and behind you, there is plenty of time to play games

    Being able to play an X-box won't help you support a family, buy a fancy car, afford exotic vacations, like I do................. qualifications and education will. Just one of the cold hard facts of life?

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    Growing up, I had the atari...with the crappy old black & white tv (and the rabbit ears - remember those things?). good times baby! Who would have thought that bouncing a block back & forth between two bigger blocks would keep kids entertained for so many hours.
    Anyway, every parent has their method for raising their kids. so be it. Bill doesn't let his kids use the computer for too long. Me on the other hand? When I do eventually have kids, I'll put a common sense limit on the computer. You can use it all you want, so long as it doesn't reflect negatively on your grades or social life. When - and if - that happens? Well, you're beat. You painted yourself into that corner, now deal with it. I think that is what many refer to as "tough love".
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    Hell, we didn't even have a TV until I was 17............ I used to walk across to my grandparents before then.......... I still don't watch that much TV.

    Today, there is so much educational stuff available that TVs and computers can form an important part of education?

    OK, you can now get ADSL and do a lot of research on the net, but I have given several young relatives and friend's kids encyclopedias, math courses language courses, and whatever on CD and DVD. Because they can be interactive, they are more attractive than dull textbooks, and for lookups they are much faster?

    It is a new educational medium................. not much different when I was a kid.......... I could read a history/geography/economics/wildlife book or a comic. Not much different from the choice between that, and playing a game or studying?

    Not that I am suggesting that "death by Powerpoint" is a reasonable substitute for proper teaching methods, but we have many more educational vectors than when I was 10!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShagDevil
    (and the rabbit ears - remember those things?).
    I still have rabbit ears ...

    My parents kind of took ShagDevil's approach, If my grades started slipping, the computer was the first thing to go... I usually didn't get grounded from social activities... just electronics...
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    Hmm.. same thing happened with me in highschool..
    i was limmited to 1hr per day to play games on weekdays, and on weekends i spend most of my time out with friends.

    but it is understandable, at highschool, most wouldnt notice the true significance of grades.. only time i realized how important they are is when i applied for universities. by then it was too late, my grades werent so impressive.

    so then i had to take the long-road to get a job that can help me get by in life.. i took different collage certs and diplomas, worked in diff types of jobs (the shittiest one was a door-to-door salesman.. and it was during summer). in those times i barely had any time to do anything for myself.

    4 years of that.. i finally got a decent 9-5 job. currently a Security Analyst... and now.. i get to play as MUCH games as i want after work and during weekends ^_^. usually weekends i spend almost an entire day playing games or with friends.,.. weekdays im too tired to go out so i just sit there and play games after dinner.

    so.. i guess if i paid more attention to school in the first place.. i wouldnt need to struggle for 4-5 years to get where i am now.

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