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Thread: To Vista or not to Vista? that is the question?

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    To Vista or not to Vista? that is the question?

    I am not sure whether this belongs here, or in "Hardware" as it covers a bit of both.

    An interesting discussion on whether to go to Vista for a new machine, or to stick with the old XP OS?
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    A difficult decision altogether i think,as was the case with all the other releases of windows too..Just when you get comfortable using the one the next release is only weeks away..I have also noticed here in SA that flyers from leading pc retailers now sell vista with most of their new pc,s or recommend it..My personal choice would be to still have XP PROF and make a dual boot with VISTA.That way you can gradually move towards vista when you are good and ready..Question though from my side anyway is..are they going to share and talk to one another??
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    That's the setup I currently have on my pcs. The laptop only has 2 days to go till activation and I still haven't received my free upgrade from moduslink yet, so I guess that machine will be XP until I receive the offiicial copy (I just put on the copy I bought for my main PC for now). I might even try activating it - chances are MS won't be too fussy.

    My SFF has a dual boot which is very much an XP pro machine with just a small partition for Vista Ultimate. It's the computer the kids use and I don't think other users will want to grapple with Vista yet. My dual core here is just running Vista Home Premium which is going very well indeed. It didn't seem to like dual booting with XP, so I plan to put Suse or Ubuntu on the space I'd set aside for XP tomorrow.

    I'm happy that my own computer is running Vista so well, I don't need to think about having XP on at all, as I've got completely used to Vista now. I find the various computers talk to each other extremely well - the data drives can be seen whether I've booted into Vista or XP on the SFF for instance. In fact the operating system drives/partitions are visible too. Right now, I'm making an Acronis image backup of the XP OS on the laptop and storing it on the F drive on the SFF, which is currently booted into Vista Ultimate, but I'd be able to do exactly the same operation if I had the PC booted into XP.

    Vista isn't really that big a change from XP - nothing like Windows 3.1 to 95, or 98/Me to XP was. It doesn't take long to get used to.
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    Vista runs optimal @ 4gb ram, so it might be a better idea to wait abit and then upgrade fully
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    wait, sp1 should be out in 4 - 6 months then go for vista after the worst bugs are out
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    I don't think you need 4GB RAM. I read a slashdot link where somebody was discussing this and one of the MS techs said she was personally going to go for 2GB, which most people reckon is sufficient. My PCs have 2GB RAM (though I don't play games) and they run Vista just fine. Actually the laptop has 1.5GB and this is OK too. Sure it would be nice to have 4GB RAM, a faster processor and a leet graphics card, but you don't *need* that. What they do reckon is that Vista runs slower than XP with only 512GB RAM and I'd agree with that, seeing how much RAM is being used by the system when I run it.

    It does seem a sensible idea to wait for the first service pack though - it's very buggy at the moment and the hardware suppor is a nightmare.
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    I'd LOVE to have 512GB of Ram in this laptop...and in all my other computers for that matter.

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    I usually give it 6mo to a year for ms to work out a bunch of the bugs that seem to be par for the course as far as their new release os's go.
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    i work for a PC retailer, bestbuy

    the reason why they reccomend vista? because of the multimedia abilities
    "you can attach a new digital camera, an mp3 player, a big screen tv, all to a multimedia center vista pc"

    it makes money, although its hell for geeksquad... nothing is compatible, everything takes longer to accomplish, customers do not understand that when something is not compatible there is nothing we can do untill the vendo fixes the problem

    the managers don't understand that either and we are getting sh1t for vista sucking so hard...

    sry.. went off on a work rant

    Vista has potential, but for the love of god if you depend on your pc for work or play stay away from vista for now
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cider
    Vista runs optimal @ 4gb ram...

    However W98 gets all fuxy when you go over 750mb....

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