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Thread: ping a list of computer names

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    ping a list of computer names

    Anyone know of a ping tool that allows to import a list of computer names to ping?

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    Script it.. It isn't that hard.. Windows batch file or *nix shell script?
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    Fealing generouse today:

    Networking>>Client side managment>>Retrieving Network Configuration Information>>Ping Multiple Computers.
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    nmap will also do it using the -sP switch.
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    Command Promp:
    Type Ping Address) ENTER

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    krytonic, I believe the guy has a long list of ips that he is intending to use so simply doing that command over and over would be cumbersome. Whereas a tool that he can simply copy and paste the ip addresses to would be much simpler.

    To answer the op question I dont know of any particular tool, I am more partial to writing code when I need to do things. It seems that you have plenty of suggestions already. If you need some perl or c++ code give me a shout and I will toss you something together.

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    It would take about 10 minutes to script it. I would use VBS. Here is a quick link to an example vbs file that does what you want. http://
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    X-scan ^.^
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