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Thread: Personal PC attached to work network

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    Working in health care I'm surprised you'd get away with it at all. With HIPAA rules and all the privacy stuff we read about.

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    Nihil: Somebody breaks an entry and electricules himself/herself : the company is held reliable. - That is quite hectic in my opinion.

    Here in South African they are quite leant about these sort of things. Alot of users bring their "Personal" laptops which they use for office use and then personal once they go home.

    But having child porn shared on the network is quite stupid...
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    Cider, that is British Law. Just because the other party's "intentions were not honourable" (I take that quote from English case law) does not exonerate you from your obligations to public safety.

    Similarly, if I knock down and kill a wanted murderer in the road I am still answerable to a manslaughter charge.

    It all depends on your data protection legislation, but I am sure SA will catch up pretty quickly.

    Personal laptops in the workplace and taking confidential data home are a definite no-no................. Veterans' Association, that UK finance house that got fined 960,000 and the Japanese Ministry of Defence?

    Actually, I don't think that the guy was sharing his computer files, he was just using it to access file and application servers on the network.

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