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Thread: I want spyware

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    Originally Posted by Aardpsymon
    sent you a PM with two URL's that sent our antivirus crazy, apparently these beauties install spyware droppers.

    I won't post em publicly in case someone clicks by mistake.
    How do these programs install? Is it ActiveX? ... is it something that NoScript would defend? I would be interested in finding out how effective NoScript is at defending against these threats.. but I don't have an extra box to test it out on... just curious...
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    Aardpsymon: Nice links, I'd love to check them out but I dont want to 'p0wn' this work station. I'll be sure to do it tonight with the test box.
    meh. -ech0.

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    Aardpsymon: you mind sending the links to me as well? I would like to run em through VM.

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    Spyware/Adaware problem click

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    Requires registration but I think this is precisely what you desire. Offers downloads for all sorts of nasties to those interested in malware analysis. Have fun malware-ing.

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    Looks awesome. Ill check it out with the test box
    meh. -ech0.

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    Click on the paris hilton pr0n takes you to some site asking you to install a dodgy ActiveX control which in turn is zlob its a nasty piece of work =)

    Direct Link
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    Just download this one:

    It's a doosy. You might try the Golden Palace Casino software, too.
    Casino apps are full of spyware. And of course, porn sites should
    sufficiently infect a PC. Look for videos that download as .exe's.
    They should be readily available via torrents.
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    the wife COMPLETELY destroyed a computer with spyware 5 whole minutes after I did a fresh install with all updates.

    She was looking for wallpaper with IE on google.

    Try searching for 'cool wallpaper' or stuff like that.

    This machine was devistated, cleaned out a ton of spyware but the damage to the OS was so bad that I choose to reinstall AGAIN.
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    I agree. Googling screensavers, pokersites, online casinos give you some light stuff. I know I found one when I was reading up on bogus porn sites. It was wicked evil. I had to install a 'codec' to watch there movies (it was totaly fake, but I figured hey why not).

    I ran it and it dumped like 60 things in my windir then 20ish in my sys32 and 10 in my common files. My hijack this log whent from 10 entrys to about 4 pages. That god for nod32 and safemode
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    Google Virus Heaven...while it contains mainly viruses, there are also trojans and droppers on the site. The benefit is that you dont have to install the threats, as most scanners will detect the installer. Rename the files to .exe once you extract them.
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