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Thread: track cell phones?

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    Strange as it may seem, but I believe that we actually agree?

    1. Your "multilateration" is what I would describe as multiple or cross triangulation? Please be aware that I do not use your terminology........... I date back to chucking 105mm pills 11,000 yards or so........

    there absolutely is a circular area of probability the location systems determine someone to be within. However, you are inferring the concept of it only measuring an area around a single BTS
    Bad expression on my part old chap!.............. my point was that you needed the initial point of contact as a reference? That will be the tower that the cell is using.

    are you suggesting that these phones are constantly calculating and uploading their current location to a system within the carrier?
    Absolutely not! this is a service that you have to request or initiate. Your emergency call example is a case where this happens automatically? You need the capability, then you need to start it off?

    this is completely false. location services work just as well for prepaid phones as they do post paid. statements to the contrary are simply ridiculous and would suggest that E911 services would not work for people using prepaid phones (which hopefully everyone here knows isn't true)
    Of course they do. I am going back to the fact that the original poster is a Bounty Hunter. You can tell me that a cellphone has dialled 911, and you can tell me approximately where it is located. YOU CANNOT TELL ME WHO DIALLED 911

    Our Bounty Hunter is very interested in the "who" bit?

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    You are correct. I lost reference as to the original posters intent. As you have suggested it is entirely possible to purchase a prepaid SIM without honestly representing your real identity (here in the states they actually ask your name and address sometimes but they don't verify it is real. if you pay with cash or a prepaid card then there's no problem) and have it's location be discoverable without directly correlating back to your real identity. However, how many of the people the bounty hunter is looking for have actually bothered with this? Probably only a fraction.

    Note that more and more carriers are starting to build services for customers on top of the LBS (boost mobile is an example of one mvno doing this). As access to this data and these services gets pushed out closer to the general public, so does potential surface area for attack. Additionally, popular social networking services like have people willingly sharing their whereabouts. Dodgeball even bothers to tell you their favorite hangout spots. For a bounty hunter it certainly couldn't hurt to at least look in places like this for info the "target?" is willingly distributing.


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    The technology is indeed interesting..........years ago I developed a system for routing field service engineers using our postcodes and Ordnance Survey maps.............. your ZIP code and National Cartographic?

    OK it is the start of the week and you are obviously in the business so might I give you a couple of funny stories?

    1. Police officer friend told me this one.

    You can get these GPS maritime distress signal devices? it was Christmas and someone had sent one to a friend?............ rules are rules?........... damn thing went off in the Royal Mail truck that was delivering it..............

    Royal Mail truck is proceeding down motorway with an RAF Sea King search and rescue helicopter in hot pursuit.

    My police office friend had to stop the truck before the mission could be aborted

    2. Happened to me............ I am getting a member of staff from another site............ I get a cellphone call from him:

    "Johnno, my GPS says that I am here, but I cannot see you?"

    Me: "We make weapons of mass destruction, of course you cannot see us"

    I then gave him the detailed instructions of how to enter the site

    Oh well! have a good week!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Acepi
    As for illegal, so far as I know it is not illegal to do, they just won't put the software out for sale.

    Too put this politely, YOUR COMPLETELY WRONG. This is completely illegal, without the authority of the company that provides the service to the cell phones. Such as if you tried to track your Gf's Cellphone that would be considered stalking, and you can get major jail time for it. so don't be stupid and try this you'll only end up going to jail.

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    I was under the impression that employers could install tracking software on a company cell phone as long as they knew it was installed on the device. (Reference: I know this is a grey area especially with the all the data breaches going on as well!

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    Thank you for all this information . This is a new way to breach information even though the information is usually on DMZs. Very inerested to see of mobile OS hacking proceeds

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