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Thread: newcomer steg query

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    Cheers nihil.

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    Hey, no problems Wolfe,

    I messed with that stuff a few years back?

    I have never done anything naughty except in my own home...... OK once I had to deploy a little software tweak and I didn't have the tool or the budget........ so I hacked a virus..........

    My director was very sympathetic.............. an American Lady

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    I took a class on it. Apparently it's big for transferring child pornography. My professor helped the FBI out with detecting it. Not the nicest real life use, but it's an example.

    I don't know why I only thought of the negative, but another big up and coming use for steganography is watermarking. Last I heard they didn't have a technique reliable enough to hold up in court yet, but that was a while back. I should check out my notes and I'd probably find lots of real life uses for it.
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    yeah, the theory is that all these prerelease screener dvds that they release have something stupid like "on frame 2,000, pixel 25 is red not blue". With a different change for each disc they press. Then they can browse the torrent sites and kazaa etc and when they find an illegal copy of the movie they can look for the changed pixel and say "person X ripped this disc and released it on the net" then go kick their ass.
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