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Thread: No honour amongst thieves?

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    No honour amongst thieves?

    Ack phtt! as usual it was "Bill the Cat wot done it", our good friends and DRM experts seem to have had a falling out with their "partners in crime".

    Music giant Sony BMG filed suit against The Amergence Group (formerly SunnComm International) this week, claiming that a version of the company's MediaMax copy protection software, which shipped on more than 6 million CDs, was defective and caused harm to its consumers.
    The quote above is in Japanese.............please let me translate; what it says is:

    "We are a conceited and self-edifying, purported high technology company who think so much of our esteemed customers that we will throw any old garbage at them without even bothering to test it"

    You may remember the original furore? well it gets better:

    The initial discovery implicated the Extended Copy Protection (XCP) software created by First4Internet (now Fortium Technologies), but researchers soon found that Version 5 of SunnComm International's MediaMax software had similar problems.
    Link to article about the goes back a couple of years.....

    However, there is some humour in the story?

    Sony BMG protected at least 27 music titles with MediaMax Version 5, including albums by Alicia Keys, Britney Spears and Santana
    I would have thought that the young lady's unquestionable level of musical talent would have done a far better job at copy protection

    Original article is here:
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    Where there's a backlash, one has to do a backslash by pointing fingers before the public... or so they think their damage control method should be.

    Si vis pacem, para bellum!

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