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Thread: Bricopacks, anyone?

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    Question Bricopacks, anyone?

    Hi Guys.

    I must have been bored today, coz I downloaded a vista-lookalike installer called a BricoPack for my XP box:

    It looks great (includes an osx-like dock, or did BG copy that with Vista, too?), but my firewall goes nuts. I'm guessing from my messages that it sits as a new interface and passes the clicks, etc. on to windows and the apps. Being piggy-in-the-middle means it's so easy for it to log keystrokes, etc.

    I was wondering if anyone else has taken a look at this, and vouched it as safe, or whether I should stay well clear of it?
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    I've used it and thought it was nice. I don't have it installed anymore because I decided that I liked the Royale Theme and Royale Noir theme. I can't remember what it was that is installed with the bricopack, but there was a feature that I did disable...
    There is also one that looks like OSX called FlyakiteOSX v3.5 but it felt weird trying to emulate OSX on a Windows box. It was nice though. it is here: hxxp://

    I have heard that it is possible to really screw up the original XP install with these things, but I had no problems. They uninstalled well.

    I didn't find any spyware or virus associated with any of the transformation packs. I was using Avast, ZoneAlarm Pro, Spybot Search & Destroy, and Ad-Aware SE. I have also done scans for rootkits with Blacklight. All seemed okay.

    I did however not like one of the features that the bricopack added to the computer, but it allowed me to disable that particular item. It seemed that it wanted to check for updates and would set off ZoneAlarm??? Can't remember now...
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    As good as it looks, I had to take it off in the end. It was stopping the AVG control center from loading automatically, too. Not just for me (where the bricopack was loaded), but for other users of the machine as well (even though they didn't get the bricopack benefit).

    I might be tempted to try flyakite next ;-)
    What's your favourite OS?

    Seen it. Tried it. Crashed it.

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