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Thread: Transferring data like printer connections and DHCP reservations from/to Server 2003

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    Aard- That would be for a domain controller or GC. DHCP and printer settings can't be automatically exported to a new machine through the use of AD.

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    neat! I just learned something
    meh. -ech0.

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    Where I have reboot, you can probably get away with just restarting netlogon and spooler services.

    I have always been surprised how many people are scared to play in the registry. I do lots of stuff like moving software from one server to another by just copying registry entries for the software and services, saves you from having to re-install when you don't have a clue as to where the cd is located.

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    434 could just be organised and have all your software CDs in a rack?

    Mohaughn - as I say, I wasn't watching too closely. I had the joy of uninstalling 5 pieces of software from 200 machines at the time.
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    We typically copy all intallation media to some network storage. We're horrible for keeping track of media... so as soon as I get my hands on it, it's dumped to disk. As we get new versions, I'll either move the old versions to an archive or just delete it.

    Thanks for the DHCP tip. I need to move my DHCP servers very soon... but I'm changing IP schemes. I was dredding doing it one by one. I can probably just find/replace in the dumped file and then import that. I'll toy around with it.
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