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Thread: Group Policy Management

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    and I should have put it down as 2K8
    but the word is it will be a CLI on server 2K8
    and 'maybe' get a GUI option later
    Looks like the trainer has no clue what he is talking about. There will be a version of Windows Server 2008 called "Server Core." It will not have a GUI and will be used for systems that need an imbedded OS, or for bastion style IIS implementations, things that don't need the overheard of the GUI running.

    But regular old Windows 2008 enterprise, etc... will have a GUI. Looks similar to vista. I played with it quit a bit at tech ed and also got to mess around with it when I did the exchange 2007 ignite training at a MS facility. There should not be as much speculation around what this product will have as the beta is available, and they have a ton of information detailing the differences between 2003 server and 08 server.

    Also not sure why people would think that Exchange 2007 is CLI only. You have both the Exchange management console, and the Exchange powershell console. Just about everything that can be done in powershell can be done in the GUI. Most of the things that can not be done in the GUI in 2007 RTM have been added into the GUI with 2007 SP1. There are still some things that can only be done with powershell for exchange 2007.

    Server Core features:

    * Allows administrators can choose to install a minimal installation of Windows Server with specific functionality and without any unneeded features. The server roles available are:
    o Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server
    o Domain Name System (DNS) server
    o File server
    o Active Directory® Domain Service (AD DS)
    o Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS)
    o Windows Media® Services
    o Print Management
    o Windows Server Virtualization
    * Reduces software maintenance
    * Decreases the attack surface of the server
    * Reduces management
    * Requires less disk space

    The information is out there. Get it straight from the source and don't depend on "trainers" to give you good information.

    I really like powershell. And given that the only released version is powershell for Exchange I don't see a problem that right now it is kind of limited in how it interacts with other parts of the OS. Right now it is intended to give easy scriptable access to common things done inside of the OS. I'm sure as more and more people start to use it you will see more and more free plug-ins and already written scripts to do custom type things that the MS engineers did not think about. From an exchange management perspective it is a god send in very large implementations. I don't have to run LDAP queries and then dump stuff into excel or access to do high level queries any more. I can write a single command that will select, sort, output the data however I tell it to... It makes automating redundant and boring admin tasks a breeze.
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    Wow...great info Monaughn

    I like the min install...just the stuff you need...

    Reminds me of a novell server I worked on many moons ago...where you would load an admin console when needed...otherwise it just hums along with out all the overhead..

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    Monaughn: I didn't see your edit until now. Anyway, you can use the Powershell for various windows admin tasks. You don't have to use it just for exchange tasks. I'm in a small environment, so it doesn't help me out that much.

    Just for fun, I tried to convert some of my hacked together perl scripts into powershell but I kept running into walls. If you want better features, (like networking), you have to pay for it. For example: I wanted to write a powershell script to ssh into X number of routers and sftp the config to a server. Can't do it unless I go to some third party and pay for their commands.
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    Phish- Yes, I know it can also do limited OS stuff right now, but the full OS version of powershell will not be available until 2008 RTM. You can run a beta version on XP, or run the 2008 beta. I've not noticed any differences in the 2008 powershell beta and the XP beta.

    So the only official RTM version that I'm aware of right now is the exchange command console. It is very possible that the RTM version of server 2008 will have more cmdlets available than what is available right now.

    Different applications will load different cmdlets for use in the powershell.

    It is even possible to create your own cmdlets, so with some .net programming knowledge. That is why I think once 2008 goes RTM we will see more people developing custom cmdlets.

    Unfortunately any type of remote commands from Microsoft will probably only support other MS products. So if you want to sFTP into a router, powershell may not ever support that natively. MS really seems to be pushing RDP and remote console and their own secure file transfer improvements in 2008.

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