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Thread: Firewall for Slackware :)

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    Thumbs up Firewall for Slackware :)

    Ok, after going over the iptables tutorial, and as extensive as it is, it still seemed very difficult to say the least. So, I did some checking to see if there was an easier way... because I do like the KISS method... keep it simple stupid! lol. Ok anywho, so I found a graphical firewall. It apparently works for Mandrake, Suse, Redhat, and Debian, and as I found out it works very well with Slackware. The program is called guarddog. Here is the link... It is very easy to setup and you'll be running safe and secure before you know it. Hope this helps because it's helped me lots
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    Maybe its not foolproof...maybe it doesn't work...but I do this as soon as I install...
    /etc/hosts.allow DENY:ALL
    /etc/hosts.deny ALL:ALL

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    Have a look at fire starter. It's another nice little FW for linux.

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    Another good one (although not a GUI) that I have found invaluable to me is Firehol, which takes alot of the cryptic flags out of firewall work. It might not be as visually easy to use since you still have to edit a config file, its straight forward enough to let you lock you box down sufficiently until you can get familar with iptables and start doing things by hand.
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    I use APF on my webservers.

    Its not a GUI, you have to edit a a config file, but I like it, cause you tell it the ports you want to be open, and it closes the rest. I really like it, cause I usually install it remotely. Therefore, I can edit what ports to allow before I start it up so that it doesn't lock out SSH.

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    I run it on my slackware firewall at home.

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