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Thread: Choosing Spam Appliance

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    Smile Choosing Spam Appliance

    Choosing between two Spam Devices for fight our spam issue:

    Barracuda Spam Firewall or Sonicwall Email Security Appliance

    I would like your opionion and feedback. If you have any other ideas, I am very open to suggestions. Thanks!

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    We've been using GFI Mailguard here, but we are about to do the Barracuda spam firewall appliance demo.

    I like what I have read on it so far, as it can be set to be transparent. Just setup what IP address your mail server etc etc has on the barracuda, and it takes it from there. Or you can set it up to be your mail server.

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    If you are in an active directory/Exchange environment, have a look at the proofpoint anti-spam offering. I think you'll like the way it integrates.


    It's a pretty damn good spam filter to boot.
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    We use 2 levels of email spam filtering here. The first level is Symantec Mail Security (used to be Brightmail). The second level is Tumbleweed Email Firewall. Between the 2 we catch virtually all spam.

    We are not real happy with the Symantec Mail Security. Since we have upgraded from Brightmail we have had a fair number of problems and the support is less than impressive. We are looking at Ironport as a replacement.

    I really like Tumbleweed. We have no issues, I like the interface, and it blocks a LOT with no false positives. An added bonus is that is you have an Exchange environment it can integrate with the Outlook Junk E-Mail folder (we do not use this feature).

    I also have an outside client that uses a Sonic wall and he is very happy with the spam filtering. I initially set it up for him and I like the interface. My only concern is I do not like a box that does multiple functions (Firewall, Router, NAT device, Spam filtering, Anti virus) but that is just a personal thing. It has been running very well with no issues for about 2 years.
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    well, i am using CYBEROAM since two years and its working perfectly for me ( 95 % in default policy ) and you can create custome policy for better work. i have tried Barracuda for a week but its providing only antispam not IDP. most of the hardware and software firewall are using RBL/SBL and open source spam database for update. so there is not a smart move to buy hardware firewall which support only antispam.

    try UTM device like cyberoam or fortinet.
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    Postini Rocks!

    My new God is called Postini. I welcome my new spam email overlord.
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    Ahh beat me to it blunted, I know an ISP that I sell uses it for their webmail and it is pretty impressive.

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    The ISP I use to work for used it.

    Its definitely a nice thing to have..especially if you'd like your users to be able to control their level of spam protection.

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    We use Postini, too. They used to have a Barracuda unit onsite but it's gone by the wayside.
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    Postini and Barracuda are the two best spam filtering solutions I've seen yet, by far. Either is WELL worth the money. Barrucada is the way to go if you want 100% hands-on, but if you don't mind outsourcing your spam solution, go Postini.

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