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Thread: Using a keylogger for work

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    Question Using a keylogger for work

    I am looking for anyone who has exprience using a keylogger as part of their job as an investigative tool for a problem user. I have seen a bunch of reviews for different products, but am not sure how reliable these really are. I am looking to install one on a Tablet PC, remotely if possible and I have admin access to the box.

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    I've used this software before:

    I liked can hide it from the process tree and make it so the only way to pull it up is to hit a series of randome keys (I.e...SHIFT + ALT + CTRL + F10) etc....

    Not only does it keylog, but it will take a screen shot at a user specified interval, record IM conversations, websites, etc etc...its pretty powerful.

    Thats the only one I have experience with.

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