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Thread: Bandwidth Monitor

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    An MTU of 1500 is "normal" for ethernet. Mind you, windows uses Path MTU discovery to set the MTU.

    Unfortunately, increasing numbers of networks block all ICMP traffic (e.g. to prevent denial-of-service attacks), which prevents path MTU discovery from working. One often detects such blocking in the cases where a connection works for low-volume data but hangs as soon as a host sends a large block of data at a time
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    Thanks guys... I am going to be attempting to start this project on saturday. Sounds like a good time for this weekend. I will start with upgrading the routers firmware and then looking at installing the nix box with the utilties you recommended PP. I will also take a look at the MTU rating.

    In regards to my connection I am supposed to have 10MB down and 1.5-3 up but we all know how accurate the companies are at actually accomplishing that.
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