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    I'm your generic white student from the west coast. I've been into technology my whole life; my dad is an electrical/computer engineer and my mom is a web developer. Like everyone, I range from graphics to programming. I've been doing systems administration on long-term contracts for about 4 years and web development for 6.

    I've really been focusing on C# lately to work through programming concepts rather than syntaxes. A pet-peeve of mine is the classic 'tech wiz' that lists all their 'known languages' from Batch to VB. Yes, I've done all the basic syntaxes, but my focus remains on what is practical to me- Perl, PHP, CSH, and C#. I recently finished a book on C# Design Patterns and another O'Reily book on C#; however, lately my interest has been piqued by digital signal processing. This involves higher-level discrete math as well as integral calculus but continues to push me forward.

    For the long-time operating system debate, I'm very fair minded. Daily, I use CentOS and FreeBSD for servers, Mac OSX Leopard for my design desktop, and XP and Vista for my gaming and browsing/coding desktops respectively. I very much hate people who have strong opinions on these issues as I find them to be loaded with emotional baggage that contrasts seemingly-logical arguments. I have an iPod. I like Intel and AMD. These kinds of discussions and arguments are pointless.

    For music, I'm pretty stuck on rock, (mild) hardcore, blues, and jazz. I'm really into Tooth&Nail artists such as Emery, Anberlin, Underoath, mewithoutYou, and all sorts of secular artists. I play piano, guitar, bass, all sorts of percussion, and cello.

    I use an AMD x2 3800 processor on my main desktop, an Intel Q6600 2.4gHz for my gaming PC, and an Intel E6750 for my OSX. I've got several Samsung 22" widescreen monitors. I love my equipment, but one has to keep in mind that they are tools, not toys.


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    Welcome to AO. Enjoy your stay.
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    That's quite a résumé. Welcome to AO!

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    Welcome to AO Anthony, my man! I agree with many of your comments.
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    do a whois search on my ip...

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