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Thread: Doesn't Boot...Sometimes

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    maybe its the windows

    i worked on one once where the comp wont bootup from standby or from hibernation. in the power settings for the battery after the timer for "stop hard disk" ran out abd the computer shuts down. this thing just wont start up again. one had to press the shutdown button and reboot.

    a fresh instillation corrected this.
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    Does the same thing with two different hard drives, both fresh installs, so it's definitely not Windows.

    I'm going to try swapping RAM next. Expect a full report shortly.


    No dice. Tried swapping out with two other memory sticks, and it wouldn't boot up at all. Booted up on the original one though. Go fig. Now I'm further baffled.
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    RAM shouldnt do this.

    as........ if RAM goes bad, it (comp) should start to beep (one beep one sec)

    my own laptop used to shutdown unexpectedly (specially during startups and sometimes during running some programs or game) and there would be no error messages (on the screen). the only indication was that the fan would spin like crazy and 5 seconds after that the laptop would shutdown.
    have tried swapping the RAM and the Hhd. nothing helped. the F*** thing would still shutdown.

    till.....just recently inserted the Hhd without the top cover, held in place with a tape, opened the laptop and cleaned everything as much as i could, specially the fans,connections and put that paste on the processor which nihil had recommended and suddenly everything was magic.

    usually.... have seen one or the other kind of message pop up in the "event viewer" and have also noticed "dr watson" log something or the other.
    there is always someplace that it is logged whenever something goes wrong.

    let it give that horrible shutdown and after startup, get into the event viewer to check for "error messages"
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    You'd think, but let's just say if the Event logs were any cleaner, they'd sparkle.

    NO LEADS whatsoever there.

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    Hi there AK,

    I don't know the T41 so this is a pure guess:

    I suspect that this behaviour might be intentional? like back in the days of Windows 9x you would get a blue screen that said something like: "Windows was not shut down properly, I am now running scandisk."

    1. It works if you shut down properly.
    2. It works after a short delay.

    I think that it is a "feature" rather than a "fault"

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    Indeed, I'm starting to suspect the same.

    Just cracked it open this morning to take a look too. Capacitors look ok, no bulging or leaking...

    /edit --

    Looks like we don't have our answer just yet -- It just failed to boot up after a normal reboot was issued.

    /and another edit --

    I think I'm on to something. Screen just went black with nothing but the "Z" power light lit WHILE I was in Windows. So I suspect it may very well be the monitor. After I took it apart the first time, after putting it back together and booting up, I noticed after a minute of normalcy all the colors jumbled on the screen. Took it apart again, reseated some connections, booted back up -- came up fine, until now.

    So maybe it's getting power ok, but just not displaying on occassion. Not sure -- the only thing that doesn't add it up is this time, while going black while in Windows, there's no hard drive light, no drive spinning, nada, just like when it fails to boot up.

    Weird eh?
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    AK it seems to be a MB problem. I've got this kind of error on desktop with bad motherboard problems (or perhaps PS). Computer only power on after 3 or 4 attempts. PS clicks, some fans start and... nothing. Sometime i need to unplug the power supply to MB reset. But since it is a IBM laptop perhaps it will better to send it to them
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