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Thread: Windows Vista, IE7, and Outlook Exchange 2003

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    This will work as well. The fix that I posted will allow a "premium" client experience on Vista/IE7.

    The basic client interface is for clients like mozilla, safari, that don't support those specific activeX controls as they are not W3C standard controls.

    Quote Originally Posted by zallison
    this does help, I can now respond. but I now have to learn my way around it again.

    As far as installing the update on the exchange server, I dont' think the IT crew in the corporate offices are gonna do that anytime soon. As far as they're concerned, I should be using Xp at home.

    Typical "VISTA BAD, LINUX GOOD" mind sets from those people.

    Sorry, its my job to troubleshoot Windows Vista machines, I think I'd like to know how to run the damn OS.
    Sounds like your company needs to adopt some standards on what should and should not be used. This way if you have a person that likes something in particular you don't end up doing what they want. If the official stance is you should be running XP at home, then you have your answer as to why it doesn't work.

    You always gotta patch exchange....else it just doesnt work properly
    In a lot of cases that is true. You need to have different versions of components loaded to insure compatibility with all of the different possible client versions. We don't run the exchange software patch I posted as IE7 on vista is not a supported option for clients. If somebody calls one of our helpdesks with this problem as soon as Vista/IE7 is mentioned they would get referred to our "what is approved software in the company" site.

    Lack of good controls on what is approved like this is one reason I don't think I could ever work in your typical small shop.

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    I've talked with the IT guys at my site, and they're willing to pose the patch to the people in charge of the exchange servers at the corporate end. Local guys were aware of the patch not being on, and as far as they know (as they have Vista machines on the corporate network) Vista is *not* an unapproved OS.

    They think that the IT crew in the corporate server houses were waiting to see how many employees were adopting Vista at home before applying the patch. (If it ain't broke, don't fix it.)

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