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Thread: Setting up "contact management" in Exchange Server...

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    Setting up "contact management" in Exchange Server...

    Hey folks,

    I'm wondering how to set up contact management that can be shared by groups in Exchange Server. As is, our entire workplace uses vCards in the peoples' individual Outlook accounts, but surely there's a way on Exchange to "share" information on people, right? We want it to be where when a new person gets hired, their info is updated to a central location and it is automatically downloaded into the address book of each person.

    Thanks in advance!

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    This link may help...

    Not sure what version of exchange you are using...or if you users are remote etc

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    Hmm, thanks for the link, I couldn't find exact instructions, though, unfortunately.

    Our users are remote. We basically just want to know if there's a way that, in our HR process, we can upload a person's vCard-like item and have it automatically sync into everyone's Outlook, just like email, calendar, etc. Ideas?

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